Choosing Among Litter Box Options

For those who dislike cleansing the kitty box, take a look at the ScoopFree Litter Box – just eliminate the tray as soon as a month!

Cats have been prized for centuries. The old Egyptians recognized them as symbols of motherhood, fertility, and also defense. On a functional level, they were most absolutely happy for the actual defense against asps, rats, and various other parasites.

Today, they are just one of one of the most popular pets, with 94 million pet cats possessed in the US alone. As well as the infinite love for felines, we have the timeless concern: How do we keep the trash box clean? Well, maybe the Egyptians weren’t so wound up on this one, yet we absolutely are.


In addition to the pleasures of pet ownership come the tests and also tribulations of keeping cat litter boxes both looking, as well as probably more significantly, smelling clean.Litter Robot¬†Dazzling Pet dogs supplies a fantastic service: the ScoopFree Litter Box. Is this the trash remedy you’ve been looking for?

Why A ScoopFree Can is a Great idea

Cat proprietors recognize that it can be tedious to continuously scoop out waste and clean out damp, clumpy, and stinky litter. A ScoopFree Clutter Box eliminates the demand to deal with soiled trash. No much more scooping, no more untidy, undesirable cat boxes.

Alan Chef, creator as well as CEO of Lucky Clutter, Inc., discusses that he assumed pet cat boxes like these were cutting edge – in idea if not technique. They had a terrific facility, but he assumed the design could be improved upon and also made to work a lot better with no blocking, no jamming, no mess. Oh yes, this is a serious pet cat litter box.

ScoopFree Litter Box Review – Is the Scoop Free Litter Box the Best?

Just how does the ScoopFree Can Work?

This Amazon page has a video that shows the Scoop Free Box in action – start there. The ScoopFree Litter Box has an appealing box, with a disposable tray beneath. You plug in into a wall socket, given that it is powered by electrical energy. The box is loaded with FreshStep litter crystals, which is 5 times a lot more efficient at capturing smell than clumping litter. After your cat makes use of the can, a rake sweeps the box as well as throws out the waste into a covered owner on the side. It is had so no odor is detectable and no mess shows up.

The rake sweeps twenty minutes after your pet cat makes use of the box, as well as if he must step back in, the rake stops immediately. After you have actually established the feline litter box and tray, you just leave it. You could leave it for three weeks if you have one pet cat. When the crystals end up being saturated, it’s time to remove the tray. Merely move the tray out, put a brand-new one in, as well as throw away the used one. No contact with dirtied clutter, no smells, and no trouble when it concerns cleansing the litter box. In fact, you never ever have to clean your can again.

Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

Selecting Your Scoop Free Litter Box

There are three Scoop Free Litter Box models from which to choose: the routine ScoopFree Can, the Ultra edition, as well as the Manual edition. Which is ideal for you? The initial is described over and also is the first actually reliable self-cleaning can. The Ultra improves the success of the original by including convenient functions, like the personal privacy hood, a flexible rake delay which allows you to set the rake to sweep after 5, 10, or twenty mins, and also the wellness meter.


This feature tracks the regularity of your cat’s can sees so you can better monitor his health and wellness. The hand-operated version, or the ScoopFree Slide Box, has waste as well as odor equally as effectively as the automatic designs. Once a day, you merely run the rake over the litter box into the tray. This is it. You don’t need to touch anything or handle mess. Just push the rake, and also you’re done. After a couple of weeks of use, slide the tray out and also change.

What does it cost? Does a Scoop Free Litter Box Expense?

The Scoop Free Slide is the least pricey of the three designs, as well as it details for $65 on Amazon. The automated initial Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Can costs $99.99, $30 less than the market price on the Great Animals website. Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Can sells for $139.99 ($40 much less compared to on the Fantastic Pet dog site).

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box To Choose From!

There are also accessories for your ScoopFree, such as a personal privacy hood for your original ScoopFree Can and an anti-tracking rug to maintain litter where it belongs. If I had to choose one, I would certainly avoid the $40 added for the privacy hood – my pet cat doesn’t care who is viewing– go with the $99 version.

Appears ideal, and also if you’re sick of scooping out your cat’s litter box each day, especially after a long day of job, then it sounds like a desire. One drawback kept in mind by customers is the rate. After the first expenditure, it sets you back concerning $50 for 3 substitute trays and also $99 for 6. Presuming you acquire the original for $100 and a 6-pack of refill trays, that is $200 for around seven months (for one feline – as well as you obtain one totally free tray with your can) of can treatment.


If you have multiple cats, you will certainly have to change the trays more frequently. So is it worth it? While it is an expenditure, you will not have to get clutter, and also you will not have to see, scent, or touch filthy trash. This alone might be quite possibly worth the rate. It also maintains your cat comfortable and tidy, which is an additional indispensable advantage. There are other self-cleaning trash boxes available to accommodate a large range of budgets.

Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews

If you have felines, clutter is never ever much from your mind. If you have various other things to spend your time doing, a ScoopFree is an essential.